Hi I’m Marta, welcome to my blog!:) I’m a self-proclaimed baking (and cooking) geek and one of those people who start to think about dinner just after breakfast! Time spent with family and friends over tasty meals and meaningful conversions is what makes me feel fulfilled and sharing my baking and cooking creations is my way of showing people how much I care. Baking is my true love and encouraging others to test these recipes in their own kitchens is my small goal.

Natural Selection features simple recipes using natural ingredients, combined with a bit of European history in the background. I have a secret helper, meaning my husband Ken who does much of the tasting (meaning all!;) and some story writing. Together, we form an awesome Polish-American tandem!

Follow Natural Selection each week to learn about my newest baking creations and the stories behind them. And if you have a comment or want to share your experience after trying any of recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact us with the form below. Happy baking!